Thursday, May 28, 2009

Some Like It Hoth

This episode begins with Myles as a child first being able to use his 'sixth sense' of contacting the deceased. We get to see his mother, who we only saw briefly with her husband 'Pierre Chang'.

We then see him try to talk to the man who was seemingly shot in the head, and given to him to transport by Radzinsky. We later learn that this guy's dental filling went through his head - pulled, no doubt, by the magnetism at the Swan!

Jump to a later point in Myles' life - he's at the bedside of his mother, who is ill with cancer and seems to be treated with radiation and chemo. He presses her to reveal to him why he is the way he is, and who his father is.

She lets him know that his father is dead. So - how did Pierre Chang/whatever his real name is die? When he asks about his father's body, his mother replies that it is somewhere he can never go. So - we know he died on the island!

We learn the reason why the titles is - Some Like It Hoth...Hurley is writing the script for The Empire Strikes Back. For those who aren't familiar with the details, the film starts out on the ice planet of Hoth! Later, while talking to Myles about his daddy-issues, he says "That was Luke's attitude empire, when Luke found out that Vader was his father, instead of putting his saber away and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off. I mean they worked it out eventually, but at what cost? Another death star was destroyed, Boba Fett got eaten by the sarlac, and we got the ewoks. It all could have been avoided if they would have just you know, communicated . And let's face it, the Ewoks suck, dude." Except for the fact that I like the Ewoks (yub-nub), brilliant!

We see Miles backstory, including him wrestling with whether or not to reveal to a grieving father that he couldn't actually communicate with his son, which he had previously claimed to, beceause the son was cremated and there was no body.

Kate...Oh Lord on High, please incur your wrath on the writers of Lost for butchering her character. Kate just can't stop blabbing to anyone who will listen about anything and everything. She thinks she's acting in the best interest of everyone involved, but to be Shakesperean - she's fortune's fool. She speaks with Roger (Workman) and tries to comfort him, but ends up raising his suspicion, and really screws everything up. For everyone. KATE!!!

We see Naomi recruiting Myles for the mission. Interesting that she says his purpose for being on the team - they are looking for a man who may be difficult to locate, and - there are a number of people on the island who are dead, and this man is responsible for them being dead, so therefore they needed him to communicate with the deceased. She could be referring to the DI members, killed by Ben in the purge, and she would have received this information from Widmore.

We get to see Hurley and Myles at the Swan site when the numbers are put on the hatch...4,8,15,16,23,42. Surprisingly, Myles says 'what hatch?' - it appears that not all the characters are in sync with each other.

Key moment - Ilana, the tall guy, and a few others pick up Myles and tell him to pass on going to the island with Charles Widmore. They won't pay him a dime, but offer him the knowledge of who he is, who his father is...and Myles turns them down.

Who are they???

The end of the episode - Myles and his unassuming father pick up some Dharma scientists coming in on the sub from the Dharma facility in Ann Arbor. Among them....none other than Farraday! So - he has been firmly entrenched in Dharma research for these past years.

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AnKa said...

I totally agree with you about Kate's character. She used to be this super sharp generally bad guy (with a heart of gold)... now she's just a blabberer with a heart of gold, BOOORING!!! Come on Lost writers, give us edgy, smart Kate back! That (and her amazing looks of course) is what made us fall in love with her!