Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LA X Parts I and II - First Impressions

Wow. What a way to kick off season 6 - completely throw off every expectation...

There are some revelations:
1) Richard Alpert was a prisoner on the Black Rock
2) Whoever/whatever Locke is - is also the monster, and probably also the 'man in black'
3) The monster/man in black/whatever was also on the ship with Richard
4) The island's mysterious healing power is super-concentrated in the springwater. This is probably how Richard also saved the life of a young Ben Linus. However - Ben had memory loss that Richard apparently filled in...what will be with Sayid?

1) What is the ash, and why does the monster respond to it as though it were a barrier?
2) Why was Desmond on and then off the plane?
3) Who is this fella from Japan?
4) Was an alternate reality really created?
5) Why was the island underwater when Oceanic flew overhead?

Overall first impressions:
1) Great to see everyone we saw on the plane...Charlie, Claire, Boone, Frogurt. We still need to see others like Shannon, Anna Lucia, Libby, and Mr. Eko. Paolo and Nikki, anyone?
2) For crying out's the last season and Jack gets set up for having to deal with having caused Juliet's death, et al? Although - it does set Jack and John up similarly...both failed to achieve their 'destinies'/aims, so - will Jack end his own life? Will Ben help out?
3) Awesome to see Hurley come into his own.
4) Why didn't anyone take any action re: monster taking Richard?
5) Great to see the group that shlepped to the Temple so long ago. Great to see the kids and the stewardess.

More to come...


Shawn said...

Why do you think the monster/man in black was on the ship with Richard? He saw the ship out in the ocean when he was sitting on the beach with Jacob.

Elad said...

Hey Lonny. Allow me to guess at answers to your questions:

1) I wonder if the ash comes from a dormant volcano on the island. Perhaps it's the essence of the island and can be used against those who wish the Island harm.

2) I think it's Desmond fate to get to the Island, just like Jack. Maybe not all the people on the Alt-815, but some of those people have very important roles to play in regards to the Island, and that includes Desmond. I believe he landed in LAX, we just didn't see it. He said himself the seat next to Jack wasn't his real seat.

3) No idea who the Japanese guy is, except that he may be like Richard, unaging and able to speak to and "for" Jacob. He may have come from the Black Rock, too.

4) I believe Yes, an alternate reality was created where 815 did not crash. Whether the main characters will still end up on the Island is yet to be determined.

5) I believe the Island was underwater because in 1977 some idiot detonated a hydrogen bomb over a pocket of unstable electromagnetic energy.

Check out my blog for my thoughts and theories (and a couple of Shawn's). :)