Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lighthouse

Not 100% in love with this episode. The on-island drama was definitely helpful for the development of the plot, however - the flash-sideways was heart-warming, but I don't feel it enhanced anything...

We see that Jack has a scar from the removal of his appendix. Jack doesn't remember having it removed, but calls his mother and she tells him that it was removed when he was a kid.

Jack then goes to a school and picks up...dum dum dum...his son! David is apparently annoyed with his father's pressure on him as much as Jack was annoyed with his own in the flashbacks.

Jack bawls at a couple of different points during the episode (is there ever a Jack-centric episode without significant tearing?). It is actually pretty moving that he realizes how he wants to be a father to his son, especially during their conversation after the recital, where Jack admits to his son that his focus for him is not success vs. failure, because as a child he was told by his father (Christian) that he didn't have what it takes. He tells David that in his eyes, David can never fail.


Most interesting points - we don't know who David's mother is...Dogen is at the recital...Jack's father has the will, he names Claire Littleton.

On the island - the pill...the whole fiasco is a bit drawn out, but it does make us try to guess at what exactly is Sayid now that he has been brought back to life. Is he evil? Is he crazy? Ben Linus was (presumably) brought back to life in the same manner. As was Claire. So - what gives?

Kate goes off on her own. Seen this movie before.

Let's skip to the good stuff. The lighthouse, which Hurley finds out about by talking to Jacob's ghost.

Hurley says that they have to move it to 108 degrees (which is 4+8+15+16+23+42). Jack makes it to 23, which has his name next to it.

I have tried - as have many - to decipher exactly what the numbers correspond to. At first, I thought they were the row numbers of the individuals on the plane who would be candidates. Well, that holds true for Jack, but Hurley's number is off, as is Locke's. So - not sure what it all means.

Jack sees his childhood home, and realizes that he has been spied on since he was a child, as have the other 5. Well - he goes a little...Jack...and busts up the Lighthouse mirror.

Jacob appears to Hurley and apologizes for misleading him. He says that Jack had to understand how important he truly is...Jack will do something and people like Jack need to 'look out at the ocean for a little while' before understanding that they have to do it. Jacob says that he had to get Jack and Hurley away from the Temple because a bad person is about to get there...and it's too late for Hurley to warn the people there.

It's interesting with Jacob and the MIB/Locke. Are they equals, polar opposites? Who/what are they?

As for Claire, she's cookoo for cocoa puffs.Claire has pretty much taken the place of Rousseau. She puts an axe into Justin, and shows Jin where the Others branded her. The only other time we have seen branding being used by the Others was with Juliet - she was marked when she was put on trial back in the episode "Stranger in a Strange Land'. That was a punishment, though...I think that this was more of a branding, i.e. - this woman is dangerous...a mark of Cain as it were, as opposed to a scarlet letter. She reveals to Jin who her friend is when he shows up, but admits to Jin that she knows its not John Locke.

A little bit worried that Claire now knows that Kate took Aaron...but - why didn't Jin say that Kate took Aaron to save him, or - why the hell did you leave Aaron in the forest?

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