Thursday, March 5, 2009

La Fleur

Overall thoughts
I was really thrilled to see this Sawyer-centric episode. It really – finally, after so many years – made his character so much deeper. He is capable of ‘evolving’. For more than four years, he’s been a somewhat witty red-neck, who had a shady past.
It was really awesome to see the Juliet-Sawyer relationship develop, and I CANNOT WAIT to see the Jack-Kate-Sawyer triangle develop into a Jack-Kate-Sawyer-Juliet rectangle!! In all, this was just a great, old-fashioned LOST episode...lots of plot progression and lots of emotion (wasn't it great to see Juliet succesfully deliver a baby?). Great episode.

The Statue
The episode begain with a shot of the sealed well, and then Myles, Juliet, Sawyer, and Jin look and see the statue...

Back in the season finale of season 2, when Michael (on orders from Bea Klugh) coerces Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to go to the Others' camp, Sayid, Jin, and Sun take the sailboat around the island to try to save their friends. On the way, they spot the remnants of a large stone statue. All that is left is a foot. Sayid says something to the effect of - "I don't know what troubles me more...the fact that most of the statue is gone, or that the foot only has four toes."

So, in Le Fleur we got to see more of the statue. We only get to see its back side, but we can learn some pretty significant things from it. First, we can clearly see that it is wearing a loincloth, is not wearing a shirt, and it appears to have pointed ears. My guess is that it is an Egyptian-style statue.

Let's look at some clues to incorporate the Egyptian theories.
  • Hieroglyphics - when the clock in the Swan was allowed to drop below 0, hieroglyphics appear.
  • Eyeliner - since the appearance of Richard Alpert, many people have commented on the fact that he wears eyeliner. And tonight, we even heard Sawyer say what we’ve all been thinking…that Richard wears eyeliner. In ancient Egypt, both aristocratic men and women wore eyeliner.
  • Cross - the looped ankh cross we saw was also a symbol associated with the Egyptian god Horace, and stood for life and fertility.
Another theory is that the statue might be Richard. I think he somehow predates everything else on the island…Dharma, etc. We know that the statue has four toes...will we see Richard in flip-flops this season??

I do have a seperate theory that Richard and the hostiles were survivors from The Black Rock, but - we'll see.

The baby
So, Amy and Horace's baby...this is presumably about 1977 (the year I was born!!) - the Losties get transported back to 74 when they first run into Amy being captured by the hostiles. Three years later would be '77. The 'real-time' (before the time-jumping started) on Lost is about 2005, so the baby boy would be about 28. Who could it be? By a process of elimination: not Daniel Farraday (his mother is Elise), not Myles (assuming that he is the son of Pierre Chang)...could it be Carl??? Carl may be too young, but...maybe.

I think it is safe to assume that Jin taught Charlotte Korean...question is, why doesn't she remember that when she meets Jin again?

Disappearing act
Why does Charlotte disappear? It might be that they go to a point where Charlotte already exists, as a young girl. This might be a bit heavy a la Back to the Future, but - it might just be that you cannot meet yourself.

Adam and Eve
Ok, so we still haven't seen Bernard and Rose. Apparently there is no sign of them for three years. I for one am starting to get concerned. I think it is inevitable...they must have been injured in the attack by the hostiles, and they made their way back to the cave. They are 'Adam and Eve' - the two bodies discovered by the Losties in the first season.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the baby is Carl - first of all he wasn't 28 and Ben would have killed him for dating his daughter. I think it's more likely that the baby ends up being Charlie or Desmond. I'd bet on Desmond.

Don't forget that when Ben and John left the Island they ended up in Tunesia, where cameras were set up because that's where you arrive when you leave the Island. I think the Egypt theme is a good one. BTW, I read where the actor who plays Richard Alpert said that he does NOT wear eyeliner - it's his natural coloring and people comment on it all the time. Interesting casting by the producers.

Lost is my favorite show -- I can't believe we have to wait 2 weeks for a new episode!

Lonny Wilk said...

Hey Keith - great comments...I didn't know that about the actor who plays Alpert. And you're right - it could definitely be Desmond...wouldn't that be something!

Some new thoughts:

if you remember, Horace appeared to Locke and show him how to find the pit of Dharma bodies and to find the note/map in his pocket which leads to Jacob's cabin. So eventually, we'll be seeing some interaction between Horace and Jacob.

Also - Horace appeared to Locke with a nose bleed. Hmmm...We've been seeing a bunch of them lately, with all the time shifting!

The red-headed girl: Ben revealed in an earlier episode that Charlotte was born in Essex to David and Jeanette on July 2, 1979 This is 1974 - and the girl is presumably three or four already, so this definitely can't be her.

Juliet saves the baby...this is the first time. Could it be that the pregnancy problems are related to 'the incident' - i.e., the poison gas that Ben releases that kills the Dharma people?

Anonymous said...

Great blog Lonny!

I always thought the two in the grave would be Desmond and Penny. Then again, I am a sucker for a good love story.