Monday, March 30, 2009


The episode begins aboard Ajira flight 316. After the flash of light, it suddenly becomes daytime. Why does time change? We know that they are still in 2007, so conceivably they simply moved breifly in time. Yet - this still throws a curveball.

The plane stalls, and dives toward the island. Frank and his co-pilot spot a runway. Could this be the runway that the Others had Sawyer and Juliet help them build when they were captives in season 3? Ben may have known that the plane would crash and they would need a runway, therefore (in the past) he ordered its construction.

Frank, Sun, and Ben are not flashed away with Jack, Kate, and Hurley. Why? We do not yet know. Not knowing much about Frank's past, it is hard to nail down a commmon denominator.

Later in the episode, we see Jin go to the Flame in order to figure out where the plane crashed (not knowing it crashed in 2007). There he meets with the Dharma worker staffing the Flame - none other than Radzinsky. We have seen him before! Well, rather, we have seen him as a splatter on the cieling. He was the one who Kelvin said (to Desmond, while they were in the Swan) 'blew his brains out'. So - why does Radzinsky commit suicide, assuming that Kelvin was telling the truth? I think it's safe to say that we will see more Kelvin.

We get to see the baby that is born to Amy. AND - it's none other than Ethan! Note: Ethan is not killed in 'the purge'. Why?? The main possible theory is that Amy was in fact leaving the DI to join the hostiles! When we first saw her, she was hooded, and her husband was shot and killed by two hostiles. Was this because Amy's husband caught her trying to make an escape and the two hostiles then killed him? Was she being hooded to go back to the hostiles' camp? This would give some explanation as to why Ethan and Amy wouldn't be around the Dharma camp for the purge. I think we'll see some more of Amy. The actress who plays her is best known as Michelle Dessler in '24'.

Great to see the 70's like kibbutz-life. Wonderful to see Sun hit Ben in the head with the oar. She is not the same woman who crashed on the island. She used Ben in order to get information as to where the canoe is and where 'New Otherton' is. And - when she and Jack were walking on the dock, and saw Smokey...I half expected Jason Vorhees to pop out of the water and grab them.

Some people have claimed to have seen a silhoutte move in the background while Christian Shepard is talking to Frank and Sun. You can almost see something in the background when he says "I'm sorry, but you have a long journey ahead of you." Some people think it's Claire. Could be. What I think is more interesting is that when they were outside the cabin, the light flicked on, as though a switch were turned on. Yet when they walk in with Shepard, the place is dark and it's obvious that the cabin has been abandoned and has no power.

Overall, a great episode.

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