Monday, January 11, 2010

Follow the Leader

After a long absence...I'm back! Finishing up season 5 reviews in advance of the season 6 premiere. We start with Farraday pointing the gun at Richard. Kate and Jack are captured by Charles Widmore. Eloise shoots Daniel. She picks up his book, and truly realizes what she has done. From the way she is acting and giving orders, it is clear that Eloise is 'the leader'.

Cut to thirty years earlier. John Locke arrives at the beach with a boar he's killed. He greets Richard. Richard immediately notices something different about Locke. Ben reveals to Sun that Richard Alpert is a kind of adviser to the leader, now John Locke, and that Richard has held the position for a very very long time. Could this be because he was on the "Black Rock"?

Sun queries Richard about the people in the picture, i.e. Jack, Kate, & Hugo, so she can find out about her husband. He says that he remembers them from 1977, because he watched them all die.

From the interactions between Locke and Ben, we can clearly see that the roles have somewhat reversed. Locke seems to be in charge or at least strategizing three steps ahead, while Ben is reactive.

Back to the tent: Jack convinces Eloise that if they detonate the bomb, her son will never have come back and she will (would) never have shot him. Eloise drops the bomb (forgive me) that the bomb is buried under neath Dharmaville/New Otherton/The Kibbutz.

Sawyer and Juliet get interrogated and beat up. Dr. Chang follows Hurley and meets up with Hurley, Myles, and Jin.

Dr. Chang: Your friend Farraday said that you were from the future. I need to know if he was telling the truth.
Hurley: Dude, that's ridiculous.
Dr. Chang: What year were you born?
Hurley: Uh...1931.
Dr. Chang: You're 46?
Hurley: Yeah...yes I am.
Dr. Chang: So you fought in the Korean War...?
Hurley: There' such thing...
Dr. Chang: Who's the President of the United States?
Hurley: Allright dude, we're from the future.

Dr. Chang then confirms that Myles is his son.

Eloise tells Richard that he is coming with her. The fact that she is giving orders to Richard only confirms that she is the leader.

Back to the future...Locke tells Richard he wants to go see Jacob. Seems to be pretty insistent. They go over to where the plane is. Richard and Ben seem to have no idea about it.

John then instructs Richard to tell Locke that he has to get everyone back to the island, and in order to do that, he is going to have to die. So - Locke is masterminding his own death!

Locke confronts Ben and insinuates that he has never seen Jacob. Hmm...

Eloise and her people have Jack and Kate at gunpoint, then Sayid comes and saves the day. They talk it out, and Kate correctly points out that Jack is starting to sound a lot like Locke. She bails and heads back to the Kibbutz. Sawyer and Juliet get into the sub. There's no way that this is the last they'll see of the island.

Back to Jack - he, Richard, and Eloise head into the pond and into teh tunnel that will take them to the bomb. They are back in the Temple. Lots of hieroglyphs. Sayid joins them. They get started in moving Jughead.

Jon tells the group that he is going to see Jacob, and he wants everyone to come with him. It's interesting that we don't see any of the 815 passengers among the group. Also - and this is just an aside - we have not seen anything of a young Bea Klugh.

The sub - Kate is brought down, handcuffed. Can anyone say - third wheel? Prediction - Kate will, with all the best intentions, screw something up.

Walking to Jacob's - and...Locke reveals to Ben that he is going to kill Jacob. AND - boom goes the dynamite!

Why would Locke want to kill Jacob? What is Jacob? Can he be 'killed'?

Stay tuned...

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Elad said...

You're almost at the end, Lonny!

It's fun to read these recaps and remind myself of all the crazy intrigue.

I didn't finish my rewatch. I got through the beginning of Season 5 when my computer crashed. I could try and download the remaining half of Season 5 and watch it before Feb. 2nd, but I've already got too much else to watch..

I'll just stick to reading your blog to refresh my self before the new season :)