Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Incident

This is a heck of a jam-packed episode, with multiple timelines. But what a finale...

We start off with a scene of a man working on a loom, from behind, in a hieroglyphics ladened room. There is a tapestry that he seems to be creating, that has possibly Greek letters at the top, and beneath them what look like to bird's wings spread out, with the Eye of Horus in the middle, with rays coming out of that eye.

I did some looking up on various Lost sites, and the Greek letters translate to a verse from The Odyssey: "may the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires". Note - later on in the episode, we will get to see the full complete tapestry. There is another line there: "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

Each of the rays is a hand, reaching out for nine individuals. There are two lords in the corners, observing. Hmmm...

This man then is seen out on the beach, cleaning a fish, and there is a ship coming towards the island - The Black Rock!!!

A man comes and sits down next to the first man. The first man is dressed in white, this one in black. The man in black insinuates that Jacob brought the people on the boat here, in order to prove the man in black wrong.

Black: They come, fight, destroy, they corrupt, it's always the same."
White: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that - just progress.
Black: You have any idea how badly I want to kill you?
White: Yes.
Black: One of these days, sooner or later, I'm going to find a loophole, my friend.
White: Well, when you do - I'll be right here.
Black: Always nice talking to you Jacob.
White: Nice talking to you too.

IT'S JACOB!! We finally get to see him. But - who is this man in black? Plus - we now get to see the full statue. It is Tawaret, the Egyptian goddess.

Cut to Kate as a kid, with her friend Tommy, stealing the same New Kids on the Block lunch box that they would later bury as a time capsule. Many years later, they would dig it up. Jacob appears, pays for the lunchbox, and tells Kate not to steal in the future. He enables Kate to have the lunchbox and the memories of childhood, which help her to set out upon her destiny.

Back to the sub. Kate tells Sawyer and Juliet that Jack is going to detonate the bomb, and that they have to stop him. Why? What the heck is Kate's deal? Why does she want to screw everything up for everyone? Why didn't she recruit other people to help her? Why get captured, and screw up Sawyer and Juliet's shot at a normal life? Oh, Kate...

Apparently, Farraday had instructions in his book for removing the core. Why? Because for plot purposes, continuity they can't physically shlep the massive bomb, so this is how they are going to do it.

Thirty years later, Ben tells Sun that the leader - now John - answers to Jacob, and tells her that he has never met him.

Richard asks Locke about how he was able to overcome death. He says, " I have been here for a long time, and I have seen things on this island I could barely describe, but I have never seen someone come back to life."
- Well, what exactly did he do with Ben? Ben was shot, and barely alive. He then was taken by Richard into the Temple, and then Ben is re-born, with little memory of his being shot, etc.

Locke says "I've never seen someone who doesn't age." Alpert replies - "I'm this way because of Jacob."

Locke tells Richard that he's doing this (going to the Temple) so he can thank Jacob. It is not like Locke to be so bold and thinking so strategically as to be able to prepare different stories for Sun, Ben, and Richard.

The Ajira people pull up with their canoe and a crate from the plane, with Frank Lapidus in tow.

Bram: Why did we even bring this yahoo?
Ilana: Because, we might need him.
Bram: For what? He didn't know that answer to the question.
Ilana: That doesn't mean he's not important.
Bram: What, you think he's a candidate?

Note - 1) the question is 'what lies under the statue? This is the same question they asked Myles off the island. 2) important - that's the way Richard, et al, refer to Locke.

They show him what is in the crate. He takes a peek, and says - terrific. What is it?

Cut to a double funeral - that of (James) Sawyer's parents. Low and behold, there's Jacob. He gives Sawyer a pen which he uses to write his letter to Mr. Sawyer. He enables him to establish his destiny.

Back on the sub, Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate commandeer the ship and surface the ship. They head back to the island in a raft. Why not just shlep the sub back, which would only take a few minutes? Hmm...

Locke speaks to Ben, and asks him why he hasn't told Richard about Locke's plan to kill Jacob. Ben reveals to Locke that his dead daughter instructed him in the Temple to do everything that Locke said. Locke then reveals to Ben that Ben is going to kill Jacob. Wow.

A busy street - Sayid and Nadia cross the street. Jacob stops Sayid and asks him for directions, thus saving him from getting hit by the suv that slams into Nadia. Jacob could have easily saved Nadia as well, but he didn't. This enabled Sayid to then work for Ben, which indirectly enabled him to return to the island.

Back in the tunnels, they bust through a wall, and low and behold - it's a Dharma house. Eloise goes first, but then Richard hits her in the head, and says that he's protecting their leader - confirming that Eloise is the leader. Jack and Sayid will go on alone.

But - Richard Linus recognizes Sayid as the guy who shot his son, and shoots him (how many times has Sayid been shot now, anyway?). They are pretty much pinned down until Hurley shows up with the van (and Jin and Myles) and saves the day, again.

(More to come)

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